How to Create Mathematics Lesson Plan Integrating Multiple Intelligences ?

by : Ahmad Wachidul Kohar

   Carrying out mathematics learning integrating multiple intelligences, a teacher need to create lesson plan which is appropriate with the theory of multiple intelligences revealed by Howard Gardner. Armstrong (2009,65-67) gives a framework to create multiple intelligences lesson plan described as follows.
1. Focus on specific objective or topic
To involve many kinds of intelligences into learning, the teacher should focus on topic or learning objectives which is accordance with the material that will be taught. In this case, the author gives an example of these steps by topic cuboid and cube consisting of properties, elements, nets, surface areas, and volumes of cuboid and cube.
2. Ask key MI (Multiple Intelligences) question
In this step, the teacher should think about possible strategies of instruction integrating multiple intelligences and match with the topic or the learning objectives. The following diagram shows several questions used to know the possible strategies applied in the learning which integrates multiple intelligences.

    The emerging questions should focus on one topic or learning objectives which is put in the middle of diagram as shown in the figure above. For instance, on the topic of elements of cube, the questions could be like the diagram below.

3. Consider the possibilities

    The next step is that the teacher should make a scheme of possible learning activities which could be done during learning process. For example, the teacher has a plan to understand the elements of cube presented in the following table.

4. Brainstorm
The teacher think out more possible activities which is suitable with the topic so that more intelligences could be involved into learning activities.
5. Select appropriate activities
After all the possibilities are listed, the teacher choose the most likely possible activities to be carried out by considering the tools, facilities, or even time allocation.
6. Set up a sequential plan
After selecting activities, the teacher should put those activities in right order into lesson plan, beginning from introduction, main activities, and end up with closing. Then, select several needs which are used to support the learning, such as student’s worksheet, student’s book, ICT media, evaluation sheet, and other needed tools.
7. Implement the plan
The last step is that carrying out the plan based on the lesson plan which has been made. The teacher could modify the learning process relying upon the student’s feed-back during the lesson.

Armstrong, Thomas. 2009. Multiple Intelligences in The Classroom. Third Edition. Virginia USA: ASCD.


About Bang Qohar

I'm Wachid. I'm Indonesian. I'm interested in educating children, especially in mathematics learning. I believe that mathematics could be well built to children for better life. I graduated from Mathematics Education of State University of Surabaya. I am studying Mathematics Education for my magister degree focusing on Realistics Mathematics Education.

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