How to make a net of cube/cuboid by rolling your cube/cuboid model?

by: Ahmad Wachidul kohar

     We often find some difficulties to build the net of cuboid and cube. We need to know that the number of the net of cube and cuboid is 11 and 54 respectively. (check this information here!) By using the steps which will be explained below, you will obtain idea to find out all the nets needed. Create your own nets!!

(Lab  A)

Follow the steps below: 

Now, you know what a cube net is. Notice that in Lab A you found an example of cube net. In Lab B, you will find other cube nets. To find those nets, do the following activity!

(Lab B)


About Bang Qohar

I'm Wachid. I'm Indonesian. I'm interested in educating children, especially in mathematics learning. I believe that mathematics could be well built to children for better life. I graduated from Mathematics Education of State University of Surabaya. I am studying Mathematics Education for my magister degree focusing on Realistics Mathematics Education.

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