The Development of Mathematics Learning Equipments In English Involving Multiple Intelligences On Materials Of Cuboid And Cube for The Eighth Grade Students of Junior High School

Ahmad Wachidul Kohar



This research is motivated by the theory of multiple intelligences which reveal that a student will be able to learn a learning material well, including mathematics, if it is delivered in accordance with the intelligence that matches with his/her intelligences. Because the intelligences of students in the classroom are diverse, teachers are required to use a variety of ways so that every student can also be facilitated in accordance with the intelligences they have. According to the principle of learning in RSBI (Designated International Rating School), the theory of multiple intelligences has been mandated to be integrated in the process of learning mathematics. Therefore, it is needed mathematics learning equipments in English that involves multiple intelligences.

The type of this research is the developmental research that uses a model of Plomp development consisting of preliminary investigation phase, design phase, realization phase, and phase of the test, evaluation, and revision. The objectives of this research are to describe the process and results of developing mathematics learning equipments, as well as acquire it which involves multiple intelligences on materials of cuboid and cube for the eighth grade students of Junior High School. The learning equipments is categorized as a good learning equipments, if it is valid, practical, and effective. Research instruments used are validation sheet of learning equipments, observation sheets of learning implementation and student’s activity of multiple intelligences involvement, questionnaire, and learning outcomes test. The try out was conducted to 25 students at grade VIII of SMP Negeri 1 Bojonegoro year 2010/2011.

The results showed that the learning equipments is categorized as a good learning equipments. It is valid, which is shown by the average value of 3,96 (valid) for lesson plan, the average value of 3,72 (valid) for student’s book, the average value of 4,02 (very valid) for student’s worksheet, and the average value of 3,86 (valid) for assessment sheet. It is also practical shown by the average of the validators stated that it can be used by little revision, and the average of learning implementation is categorized as a good implementation with an average of 3,95. It is also effective, shown by the student’s activity of multiple intelligences involvement is effective with the percentage of 89,46%, student’s learning outcomes is classically succeed, and student’s response is positive.

Keywords: Mathematics Learning Equipments in English, Multiple Intelligences, Cuboid and Cube.


About Bang Qohar

I'm Wachid. I'm Indonesian. I'm interested in educating children, especially in mathematics learning. I believe that mathematics could be well built to children for better life. I graduated from Mathematics Education of State University of Surabaya. I am studying Mathematics Education for my magister degree focusing on Realistics Mathematics Education.

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